About Us
Nisco PlantLA Ash Products and Services is now a division of Headwaters Resources, Inc.  LA Ash is a marketer of coke fired CFB calcined limestone products. The staff at LA Ash bring years of experience working with these unique materials to the marketplace and are eager to share the benefits of using their products for your next project. We are committed to providing our customers with quality products that are competitively priced and accompanied by excellent service.
Our company's professional ash management team works with some of the industry's largest environmental, oil and civil contractors to implement sustainable land remediation and soil stabilization solutions that enhance a variety of soil delivery processes.
Our teams first-hand experience with these companies, together with our in-depth product research and delivery models, have helped our customers identify which processes benefit most from addition of various CFB ash products.
End Dump TrailerBy analyzing your company's individual needs, and using our team of industry professionals, we can help you design the most efficient and sustainable product solution to meet your company goals and objectives.
LA Ash was founded in 1996 when the company was contracted to sell the petcoke combustion products from the Louisiana cogeneration facility in Lake Charles, LA. At the time, the facility operated the largest petcoke-fired CFB steam generators in the world. Each of the two 100 MW steam generators produced 825,000 pounds per hour of main steam at 1005F and 1625 psig, as well as 727,000 pounds of reheat steam.
Since entering into a contract to sell the fly and bed ash, LA Ash has sold over two million tons of OPF70 and OPF90 and processed and sold more than two million tons of OPF42.



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