LA Ash markets the CFB ash products (commonly known as fly ash and bed ash) that remain after combusting the petcoke and limestone in CFB steam generators under the names OPF70, OPF90, OPF42, OPF57 and OPF104.
LimestoneThese are only a few of the many processes for which CFB calcined limestone products can be used:
  • Reduce the plasticity index of clayey soil
  • Neutralize acidic waste
  • Stabilize hazardous compounds
  • Solidify sludge and saturated soils
  • A base course surfaces
  • In some cases, as an alternative to Portland cement for soil stabilization
Do not mix OPF products with any other chemicals or byproducts, including but not limited to Cement Kiln Dust (CKD), Portland cement or lime, due to certain chemical reactions and/or swell potentials. Questions should be directed to your sales representative.

Product Information 
OPF70 OPF70, LA Ash's CFB fly ash brand is a product from coke combustion. OPF70 is unmodified circulating fluidized bed combustion deposit consisting primarily of calcium oxide (CaO), and calcium sulfate (CaSO4).
OPF90 OPF90, LA Ash's CFB bed ash brand is a product from coke combustion. OPF90 (commonly known as bed ash) is unmodified circulating fluidized bed combustion deposit.
OPF42With lower unit weight than limestone and CBRs greater than 100, OPF42 is the easy choice for lightweight material.
OPF57 LA Ash's OPF57 is a manufactured lightweight material similar to 57 limestone.
LA Ash's OPF104 is similar to an overburden rock.
OPF1 is LA Ash's hydrated lime by-product



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