With lower unit weight than limestone and CBRs greater than 100, OPF42 is the easy choice for lightweight material.

OPF42 is installed with conventional construction equipment and provides strength, durability and cost savings in subgrade stabilization and base course construction.

  • Customers report 15-20% yield advantage with OPF42 over limestone road base.
  • OPF42 has been shown to significantly improve subgrade strengths when blended at 20-30% dosages.
  • Studies have shown OPF42 to be an excellent reagent for full depth reclamation of deteriorated asphalt yielding unconfined compressive strengths (USC) of over 300 psi within 7 days.
Available Locations:
  • LA Ash yard in Westlake, LA
  • LA Ash yard in Sulphur, LA
  • Mouton Sand & Gravel for Lafayette, LA area

OPF42 and all other materials provided by LA Ash Products and Services, LLC are subject to conditions and limitations in the General Terms and Conditions of Quotations/Sales.

LA Ash recommends consultation with engineer or laboratory prior to using OPF42.

Customer agrees that it will familiarize itself and its employees and contractors with the Product Limitations, SDS and all hazards and precautionary procedures with respect to the handling, transportation or use of the OPF42 products and will manage the OPF42 Products accordingly.

Do not use OPF42 to displace water on the job site as it will affect the curing process and the performance properties.

Do not mix OPF42 with other construction materials other than the natural soil or stone aggregate as noted below, as it can affect the performance properties and create undesired reactions.

Do not mix OPF42 with any other chemicals or byproducts, including but not limited to Cement Kiln Dust (CKD), portland cement or lime, due to certain chemical reactions and/or swell potentials.

Do not place OPF42 in an area over which a building or slab will be constructed.

Ensure that the area where OPF42 is installed is dry and is not subject to continuous sub-surface saturation.

OPF42 will install without a problem in light rain. However, it is suggested that if moderate to heavy rain is expected, the installation should be rescheduled. Withhold traffic for 36 hours after installation to allow curing and drying. Material may splash onto vehicles if vehicles are allowed on material before cured and can be difficult to remove.

Immediately report (not to exceed 24 hours) any problems to LA Ash Products and Services, LLC., regarding issues with handling, shipment, installation, safety or conditions of the material.