OPF90, LA Ash’s CFB bed ash brand is a product of coke combustion. OPF90 (commonly known as bed ash) is unmodified circulating fluidized bed combustion deposit. OPF90’s lime content, particle size and high surface area make the byproduct self-cementing when hydrated. OPF90’s properties also allow OPF90 to be used for stabilizing silty/sandy soils for road base in lieu of hauling soils off site.


  • Excellent for stabilization / solidification
  • 18 to 24% free (available) lime (CaO)
  • High in Total CaO
  • High demand for water of hydration
  • Acid neutralization capabilities
  • Sorption & reactivity enhanced by fineness and surface area
  • Larger particle size for less dust
  • Temperature rise is generated by hydration of CaO and CaSO4
  • TCLP concentration well below limits

Do not mix OPF90 with any other chemicals or byproducts, including but not limited to Cement Kiln Dust (CKD), portland cement or lime, due to certain chemical reactions and/or swell potentials.

Product Information

Safety Data Sheet – OPF90N